Insteon Hub

Command-Line Utility for Insteon Hub

 Feb, 08 - 2014   2 comments   Home AutomationUtilities

A recent hobby of mine is home automation.  Around mid-December 2013, I purchased an Insteon Hub to allow remote control of various devices around my house (light switches, leak sensors, door sensors, etc.)  While the software that is used to control the devices is sufficient for most of my needs, one of my future plans […]

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TW810 Watch Phone

Review: TW810 Phone Watch

 Jan, 17 - 2014   Gadgets

You may have heard about the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch, an interesting device that you wear on your wrist that communicates with your Samsung phone.  As a stand-alone device, it can handle some basic tasks but lacks the ability to be a fully independent communication device.  One device you’ve likely not heard of is the […]

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Welcome to the new Wagware Site!

 Jan, 07 - 2014   News/Information

Welcome to the new Wagware site.  No content at present, but this will change soon.  I’m anticipating the creation of new articles on Software Development, Home Control/Automation as well as a little AI.  Let’s see what happens from here!